Do you plan to sell or rent your property? I would be delighted to support you with this.


The first impression counts, the first 30 seconds are crucial. Don't take any chance with the sale or rental of your property.


Irrespective of whether you intend using an estate agent or not, I can show you how your property can differentiate from the mass and with just a few measures how it can be made seductive.

Let us jointly create the desire to discover your home.



The first time a potential buyer or tenant comes in contact with a property is through photos or the brochure. This is why it is all the more important to carefully prepare them.


Even at this early stage motions and interest are awoken.


Attractive photos and meaningful arguments can, from the very start, have a positive influence on the visitor.


Merly a few steps can lead to success.

How? Very easily, and I would be delighted to support you.

You are in the mood for change in your home? You are tired of the current design of your home or of a room, but you have no ideas or simple no time?


I would be delighted to help you reorganise and redesign your home!


Making your property lovable

Maximize your chances of finding a new buyer or tenant,

faster, and to the best possible conditions.

About me

I am French with german-spanish origins and live since 2007 in Germany with my Irish family. This cultural diversity is part of my daily life. The characteristics of the 3 countries in which I lived for a long period of time (France, Ireland and Germany) influence my philosophy, my lifestyle and the way I see things.


After completion of my studies in foreign trade and languages I gained work experience in business at an international level. My work in various sectors of activity, amonghts which the designer furniture area for a world famous French manufacturer, had something in common: obtaining the best of each product and presenting it is such a way that it raises interest and convinces.


Parallel to my work life, I persued my passion for painting and photography. My aim is to show and reinterprete places, buidlings, things or situations of our everyday lives in such a way that the viewer rediscovers them and is surprised.


I like pretty things, beautiful places and nice atmospheres. I enjoy arranging, designing and reinventing, creating a convivial atmosphere that will lead to a feeling of well-being.


Today I combine my skills and competences, my awareness for esthethics and my creativity in the property sector.


My training as a Home Staging Professional and Redesign Professional with the Professional Association of German Home Stagers (DGHR e.V.) completes my profile.




Sylvie Curtin


Home Staging & Interior Redesign Professional

Member of the Professional Association of German Home Stagers & Interior Designers

My goal is to support you with the preparation of your property for the optimal sale or rental and to provide you with a flexible and versatile service.


Following an initial, free, non-binding appointment and a visit of your premisses, I will submit you an offer which suits your project and your budget.



Sector of activity: Stuttgart area, Freiburg area, Black Forest.


+ JOINT IMPLEMENTATION of light but effective measures



Reorganisation of the rooms, depersonalization & presentation in cooperation with you and within one same day. Use of decoration accessories when necessary. Finally I take for you attractive photographs in professional quality, which you may use for your ad.


                                                                                        Pre-VAT prices (plus accessories, if applicable):

                                                                                                                 Half day (small properties): 350€*

                                                                                                                 Full day (larger properties): 560€*


+ HOME STAGING all-round carefree package



I transform your property and prepare it for its first date with potential buyers!  These measures may for instance include, when necessary,  the coordination of work carried out by external providers, such as the clearing out, painting or cleaning, as well as  the new furnishing and decoration of the premisses. The aim is to create a certain atmosphere that will trigger positive emotions and a feeling of well-being amongst the visitors. You may decide to help, which would contribute to reduce costs.


                                                                                                                  Price according to individual offer



Do you need some advice as regarding the optimal presentation of your property?

Let's jointly go through your premises within a 2-hour visit, during which I draft for you a catalogue of measures that you may carry out by yourself.


                                                                                                                                           Pre-VAT Price: 170€*

Offer this last token of attention to your home before your paths diverge.



Create a "WOW effect" and an instant feeling of well-being.

Pretty and welcoming rooms as well as nice exteriors create

immediately a feeling of well-being. Enhancement and staging measures lead to this result and increase the chances that your property corresponds to the taste of the largest group of people. Your home shows its potential and its features are emphasised. 




Attraktive photos which seduce and raise curiosity.





* A supplement of 0,50€ per km (each way, pre-VAT) is charged for a distance above 20 km from a starting point in St-Heumaden or Lenzkirch.

Home Staging   &   virtual home staging

Photography & visualization

Interior Redesign & Consulting in Interior Decoration



Your property is ready for the market and you only need attractive fotos for the brochure? No problem, I will be delighted to take the fotos for you! During the photo shooting, I pay attention to every detail so that your property can be shown at its best. You then get processed and optimized pictures in high resolution and may use them immediately. 


                                                                                                                                    Pre-VAT price: from 210€


  • You are tired of your current interior and are in the mood for change? You don't really feel well in your rooms but don't know exactly what is wrong and what you could change?
  • You just moved and your furniture doesn't really suits anymore?


I would be delighted to help you! I come to visit you in the premisses you would like to rearrange.  We take 2 hours, during which I give you ideas and we may already be able to implement some small changes. Of course, I take your own taste and living habits into consideration, as well as the size of the room, the light and colours, in order to ensure that the result is harmonious and practical at the same time.


Subsequently to our meeting,  you will receive a protocol with the ideas and suggestions.


                                                                                                                                         Price upon request




  • You need fully redecorate and refurnish your premises, because you want a change or because your rooms are empty?


I develop with you a furnishing and decoration concept that suits your habits, your taste and the type of property. To do so, I take into account the dimensions of the premises, the light and colours, in order to ensure that the result is harmonious and practical at the same time.


Sebsequently to an initial meeting, during which we discuss your project, I will draw a quote which will enable you to decide upon the scope of my work.


Your property isn't ready yet, but you would like to already show it or put it on the market? No problem! I reconstruct one room or your complete property virtually!


  • Virtual replication based on floor plan 
  • Furnishing and staging
  • Fotos in HD quality
  • 2D / 3D floor plan


  • Don't hesitate to ask me!


Pre-VAT Price: from 210€

Sie ziehen in eine kleinere oder altersgerechte Immobilie, in welche Ihre ganze Einrichtung nicht mehr reinpassen wird?


Sie möchten Ihre Wohnräume optimieren und suchen nach einer Lösung, die Ihren Bedürfnissen, Ihrem Geschmack und Ihren Gewohnheiten entspricht?


Ihr Wohlbefinden und Ihre Bedürfnisse stehen bei mir an erster Stelle. Ich helfe Ihnen gerne dabei, Ihre Wohnräume mit Ihren Lieblingsstücken und Erinnerungen neu zu gestalten oder wiederherzustellen, damit Sie sich in Ihrem neuen Zuhause schnell wieder wohlfühlen. In einer vertrauten Atmosphäre, die zu Ihnen passt.


Denn Lebensqualität fängt Zuhause an!

Redesign for senior citizens

Whatever the type of real estate, such as a home that needs to be prepared to be sold, an inherited house or flat that needs to be refreshed to become attractive an to appeal to the largest group of potential buyers, or a holiday home that needs a makeover,  it is always possible to enhance a property thanks to specific measures and the right presentation!

Example of photos

Before/after examples: Home Staging + Photography



Before/after examples + photography


Before/after examples + photography


Example: Virtual reconstruction of an appartment or of rooms only and visualisation. Perfect not only for a new appartment in a building under construction, but also for any type of property or for office premisses.


Redesign of a holiday home

Redesign of a single room


The planning

The realisation





Cooperation partners:


Sylvie Curtin

Houzz-Nutzer 461570784 in Stuttgart, DE auf Houzz

Tel.: 0151 - 123 03 008




Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG


Love My Immo
Sylvie Curtin (Einzelunternehmerin)
Mannspergerstrasse 140
70619 Stuttgart

Telefon: 0151-123 03 008


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